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Our Mission

        To promote accessibility and convenience in art enrichment and education, MoVA delivers art experiences in an immersive way, for those who cannot access arts easily.

Museum of Virtual Arts

Our Services

        MoVA provides Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) services that  enable regularly updated curated content, extensive historical collection/archive, and personalized experience. 


Virtual Reality

VR service employs Oculus Quest 2 as our primary platform, offering 360 immersive experience in the virtual museum world. 


Augmented Reality

 AR service lives permanently and updates regularly on MoVA website, providing access to art collections that Integrates virtual and physical worlds.

Meet The Team

Sophie Mengzhu Jiang.jpg

Sophie Jiang

Princeton University

M.Arch 2022 

Spatial Design

User Experience Analysis

Software Development

Priscilla Qizhen Zhang.jpg

Priscilla Zhang

Princeton University

M.Arch 2023

Exhibition Design
Content Curation
Website Development

Isla Xi Han.jpg

Isla Xi Han

Princeton University

Ph.D. Candidate 

Technology Transfer

Genyuan Hu.jpg

Genyuan Hu

Princeton University

M.Arch 2024

Experiment Design
VR Development
Data Analysis

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